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Western Expansion

Westward, Ho! Explore how the United States expanded from sea to shining sea, and how the West was traveled, settled, and connected to the East. Following the Oregon and California Trails, the TimeTraveler guides students along a timeline of Western Expansion peopled with settlers and soldiers, forty-niners and fur trappers. Why did over 200,000 people decide to leave their homes and "go West?" How were Native Americans affected by the movement? 
Prepare for the overland journey and get a nitty-gritty taste of life on the trail: how much food DO you pack for a five-month camping trip? how do you cook, where do you sleep, and what dangers will you face? Join the TimeTraveler for a day on the Oregon Trail, and learn how a good guidebook can make the difference between life and death! What's in YOUR wagon?
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Susan Verzella,
Nov 23, 2009, 10:08 PM