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The Leni Lenape

Learn about the original inhabitants of southern New Jersey, the Leni Lenape. In this program, the TimeTraveler explores the origins and spirituality of these Native Americans, and how it informed their entire way of life: their foodways, clothing, tools, healing, ceremonies, and religious beliefs. European contact and its disastrous affects on the Leni Lenape are also presented. 
The TimeTraveler will visit your class in reproduction attire, bringing an assortment of real and reproduction artifacts to illustrate the lifeways of the Leni Lenape. This program will allow students to develop an understanding of a gentle, deeply spiritual people who were labeled as "primitive" by the Europeans. It will undoubtedly generate classroom discussion not only of the holisic lifestyle of the Leni Lenape, but also of their treatment by the European powers who came to the New World.
The information is this program is based on research of sources both old and recent, and is presented with the utmost respect for the "Original People" of the places we now live: the Leni Lenape. See the program notes for content ~ email to schedule a presentation.
Susan Verzella,
Nov 23, 2009, 10:07 PM