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Teacher Survey

Dear Teachers:
I am developing a traveling history program for school children, and would like your input. Although I believe that there is no substitute for museum and historic site visits, I am aware that education budgets may not support field trips as in the past. My interactive programs will be presented in the classroom. They will be authentic, research-based programs; they will be grade-appropriate and tailored to the needs of each class, and they will be affordable.

Would you do me the favor of reading the program description, and answering the questions about subject matter and rates? I would also appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you for sharing your time, experience and opinions ~ the TimeTraveler

Program Description      The TimeTraveler is a historian who enters classrooms as a visitor to earlier times – an interpreter of the past who lives in the present. Wearing accurate reproduction period clothing, the TimeTraveler brings along an assortment of antique and reproduction objects to engage students in lively dialogue about life during historical events and eras.  Through dialogue, demonstration, historic costume and material culture, the TimeTraveler offers students a tangible, interactive experience of the daily life and cultural settings of past events. The programs will challenge students to broaden their historical perspective, deepen their understanding of historic events, and inspire them to seek additional cultural and heritage experiences at museums and historic sites.

If this program would be of interest to you, please respond to the following questions: 
    What grade do you teach?
    What subject matter does your grade cover in history/social studies?
        What would you like explained/demonstrated/discussed/presented for your students?
    Would you find the following rate schedule affordable?  
             $125 /1 hr in-class history program, $75 each additional same day/ same location presentation

 $75 /45 min. in-class K-2 program, $35 each additional same day/same location presentation

Your additional comments and/or suggestions are welcome. Please include your name and school to be entered in a drawing for a free presentation.
             Please send replies to    Thank you!